About us

London has one of the greatest live music scenes on Earth. The media’s big guns can’t cover everything. Hence The Giggery.

This blog reports on grassroots club gigs, theatre tours and arena headliners. It’s based on its authors’ personal taste, but it aims to help like-minded people find new music, revisit old pleasures and discover great venues.

The blog is updated regularly with new reviews of concerts across the capital. We try and post within a week of the gig as much as possible.

If you’ve got a tip, we’d love to hear your recommendations as well – drop us a line at thegiggery@gmail.com or visit our Instagram @thegiggery.

We’re not genre specific – we’re just looking for great live experiences.

Finally, though we hope it goes without saying, these reviews are our own opinions. We don’t work for anyone.

We love London’s music. We hope these recommendations help you love it too.